Mr. Lee Jung Ho, Director of Gunsan Dog Land. 

An intimate look behind-the-scenes at Gunsan DogLand. 

About DogLand

From a Theme Park to a Shelter

The Gunsan DogLand Shelter was founded by Mr. Lee Jung Ho (이정호), an amazing man who is changing the face of animal welfare in South Korea. When Gunsan DogLand first began, it was designed to be a cafe theme park celebrating the joys that dogs and cats bring to our lives. But things soon changed. After it was discovered that a nearby animal shelter was abusing the animals in their care, there became an immediate need to find a place for the animals rescued from the abusive shelter. 


In the winter of 2017, Gunan's Mayor asked Mr. Lee Jung Ho (이정호) to care for the animals rescued from the abusive shelter for just three months. Mr. Lee Jung Ho (이정호) gladly agreed, knowing that he would make a difference in the lives of these poor, sweet animals. After spending time caring for these abused animals, Mr. Lee Jung Ho (이정호) decided to turn DogLand entirely into a shelter for abandoned, lost, neglected, abused, and otherwise discarded pets. 


Now, a number of volunteers contribute their time, money, and voice helping hundreds of dogs and cats who have been saved in and around Gunsan. The Gunsan DogLand team works hard to help their pets get the love and care that they need in order to find their forever families. 

Will you help them?


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